My Guardian Angel Ballpoint Pen - Silver

Someone To Watch Over Me 

For that intangible spirit that guides our lives, a totem of all that is good when times are bad – My Guardian Angel is a pen that recognises the positive energy common to all faiths, in a form that is uplifting and life-affirming. 

The intricate and heavenly design of the pen features an angel standing tall as the clip of the cap, with sword and shield, as if it were a cloak of protection. The cap’s top is a dome of blue skies, inlaid with the rays of the sun..

A bevy of astounding low-relief engravings in sterling silver or 18-carat yellow gold, inlaid with sky-blue enamel and turquoise details, turn this pen into a masterpiece.

The soft, pastel –like palette features light blues, reminiscent of a cluster of fluffy clouds on a bright sunny day, that inject this beautifully crafted pen with a dose of  blissful, divine energy.

Materials: celluloid, sterling silver, enamels
Refill: Ballpoint
Packaging: special
Limitation: 1912 pieces 
Warranty: 2 years 

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