Sophia Loren Fountain Pen, Rose Gold

With a name as evocative as “Sophia Loren”, one can anticipate the aesthetic presence of any object which is graced with it. The Sophia Loren™ Pen possesses a sensual form, consummately feminine and Italian. To represent her elegance and womanliness, Montegrappa evokes a scene from the famous movie of 1963, Ieri, Oggi e Domani (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow), where Sophia is wearing black lace clothing. Details that underline this include the elegant flower motif engraved on the pen. It is reminiscent of “lace,” a material loved by the actress, and which has become with the passage of time a symbolic part of her image. A Swarovski gem on the cap top for the silver model, and a pavé of diamonds for the exclusive gold editions add a touch of glamour. Completing the look is a voluptuous signature pocket clip. 

Its resin cap and body presented in two colour combinations: black and red for the sterling silver model, black and creamy white for the solid gold model. The actress’ signature graces the side of the cap. The silver version is offered as Fountain, Rollerball and Ballpoint pens. The solid-gold pen edition comprises Fountain and Rollerball. For the fountain pens, the 18K gold nibs are enriched with an artist’s rendering of Sophia’s face.

The limited edition Sophia Loren collection will consist of 1934 silver pens denoting the year of her birth, 29 gold pens comprising 20 fountain pens and 9 rollerballs, representing her birth day and month as in 29/09 for the 20th of September. The Sophia Loren pens are packaged in an elegant black box, embellished with a lace design and Sophia’s image imprinted on top. 


Materials: rose gold, resin, diamonds
Packaging: special 
Warranty: 2 years 
Limitation: 20 pieces

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